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Singles from more than 150 countries are longing to get to know new people. Without any doubt, a long-distance relationship may not seem trustworthy at first, however, this dating site does it best to make sure its active members have all the conditions to find real love. The concept of UkrainianCharm is based on open-minded, family-oriented values which increase your chances of building a well-founded relationship.

Pros and Cons


  • A vast variety of representatives of different countries;
  • Modern verified systems that protect your private information;
  • Free registration;
  • A number of remunerations to buy credits.


  • A short time for email verification is given;
  • It might not be easy to find someone from your local region.

main page at a Glance

  • Best for: open-minded seekers of mature, meaningful and long-lasting relationships.
  • Country coverage: more than 150 countries all over the world and from 10 up to 15 thousand active users every day visit the website.
  • Average age: 23-45
  • Favorite features: protection of personal data, brides from different countries (Russia, Ukraine, and Poland in particular)

UkrainianCharm ReviewWhat Is Special about

UkrainianCharm is the best choice for you since only here the number of active users reaches more than 3000 individuals. It is also a well- known international matchmaking dating site. It will definitely serve you as a beneficial start for building up a romantic relationship and, as a result, it may lead to creating a family.

How Does Work?

The whole idea of UkrainianCharm is based on the idea of connecting single people. In order to do it efficiently and successfully, the website requires some information which will be used only for formulating your interests, so it will not be produced anywhere else. Besides, before starting with communication, for security measures, the site requires verification of your ID.


In the review of this platform some of the stages of a questionnaire are mentioned:

  • “About your date”: here you should specify certain characteristics about your prospective partner;
  • “About yourself”: do not hesitate to tell about your hobby, traits of your character, etc.;
  • “Add photo”: the main point is to share your recent and accurate pictures.

Search and Profile Quality

The “Search” section can be seen as one of the best features of Here all the users will be provided with a great number of options to help them to look for the love of their life. In this section, you are enabled you to choose some preferences according to your interests.

UkrainianCharm Women

Help & Support

The friendliest assistance from the Support Center who is skilled in one click provides you with all the information you need. Moreover, they will be glad to answer your questions. In case there is something you need to clarify, please contact the Customer Support: [email protected]


The best thing about UkrainianCharm is that you can easily use it without any payments. And even though, most options are not free of charge, but they definitely worth your attention. So, the most popular paid features are a live chat, short messages, chat stickers and photos as well as mail correspondence. At the moment, prices for these options are:

  • Live chat – 2 credits per minute;
  • Chat stickers – 5 credits;
  • Chat photos – 10 credits (to send one photo);
  • Sending pictures in letters – free of charge.

Final Verdict

To sum up, the truth about the UkrainianCharm is that among other options it stands out the most. Only here you are offered a unique opportunity to point out needed criteria for a potential partner. Brides on this dating site affect not only their impressive and gorgeous appearance but also with skills that are crucial for creating a long-lasting bond. Among other dating site reviews, here the main benefits of the website are mentioned. Firstly, a certified identification system, assistance during the whole process of searching, up –to- date match-making services make UkrainianCharm the best place for meeting the love of your life.


Is it possible to change the information about my profile?

Of course. If you need to update some information in your profile or change something in your self-description, then you should follow the next steps:

  • Log in to your personal account;
  • Go to the “My Profile” section;
  • There you can find the “Edit” button.

How can I start a new conversation?

A new conversation can be in the form of both letters and short messages. First of all, click on the profile of a person you are interested in. Then:

  • The box “Chat” will be opened;
  • Type your message;
  • After that you can send your message by pressing the “Enter” button;

There is one more option available: below, right under the box where you can type a message, you will see the caption “Press Enter to send”. Users are allowed to delete the tick.

Are there any other features available except chatting?

The UkrainianCharm platform stays with you from the beginning of your journey, meaning from the first message and till the first meeting. The website will not only assist in the safe exchanging of personal contacts but also can organize a real meeting by the website’s special services.

In addition to this, this dating site may come in handy if you have decided to present a real gift to your interlocutor. A wide range of flowers, greeting cards and even more is waiting for you. That is why you do not have to worry about small details, you should better stay engaged in communication.

What is a “Favorites” folder?

In case there are a few profiles that caught your attention, you should not hesitate! The best option, in this case, would be to like their profiles. Now they will know you liked them, so you can text them and pursue the conversation. You can also add a person to the Favorites folder. Here she will get a short message which will definitely let her know that she has got a new Admirer. The notification will be received as soon as the user logs in.

How does chargeback work?

In case something goes wrong, you will always get a chance to dispute it by using a chargeback function. However, if the UkrainianCharm team spots that a person has nothing to do with the given services, it may consider it as a fraud. In such a situation, the website has all the rights to demand compensation.

What will happen to my profile while a chargeback?

Most likely, your profile may be suspended while the process of dealing with a chargeback continues. In spite of that fact, each user is always given clear instructions on how to renew the accountant after the procedure. Please note that instructions will be sent to you via email, that is why you should also check your spam box since from time to time letters may go there.

Moreover, in certain situations, if for example, a customer does not follow the rules, the company has a right to delete a profile for good.

What shall I do if someone is trying to defraud me?

This is not a common situation for because of the high- equipped security systems. Although, if such an unforeseen situation happens to you, the first key steps that have to be done are the following:

  • contacting the Support Team directly. Please try to do it as soon as possible;
  • then it will be necessary to provide the Support Team with a suspicious member’s ID;
  • describing their concerning behavior. At this point, please give as many details as you can;

Eventually, the matter will be thoroughly investigated.

How can I pay for advanced features?

All members can pay for chargeable options by their credit cards or debit cards. The following institution may process them: Issuing Bank, Acquiring Bank, and Credit Card company as well as many other Payment Service Providers.

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