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All the Eastern European countries are highly evaluated for a wide range of pretty as well attractive ladies. Moreover, they may become fantastic wives and partners. That is why it is the best opportunity for you to have a pleasant conversation and potentially start a happy relationship. The following review of BravoDate may come in hand while the active use of the platform. On BravoDate dating site you can find users from the following countries:

  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Romania
  • Moldova
  • Poland

Pros and Cons


  • Up-to-date and convenient interface;
  • A few stages of identifying your preferences (including both appearance and world view);
  • Increased safety and confidentiality;
  • A vast variety of members;


  • Advanced offers are chargeable;
  • No discounts for monthly membership or subscription.

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BravoDate at a Glance

  • Best for: everyone searching for a mature and meaningful relationship;
  • Number of members: more than 3000 girls are active users;
  • Average age: 22-47;
  • Favorite features: match-making is based on your personal preferences, 24/7 online support makes sure everyone can use the site without any technical problems.

BravoDate women

What is BravoDate?

BravoDate is a dating site that provides its users with a variety of dating market offers. The website started working in 2013 and since this time it has been successfully serving its members’ main need for finding the love of their life. Nevertheless, the truth about BravoDate is that this platform efficiently performs its one of the main tasks – to give people from all over the world a chance to interact, discover brand new cultures and eventually fall in love.

Thanks to the site, everyone can avoid this awkward silence that prevails during almost all first meetings. Simply being online is a valid reason to start a conversation. That is why there is no need to be intimidated or embarrassed about your first steps on the way to meeting your potential destiny.

How Does BravoDate work?

In order to use the platform correctly, members are expected to look through the review on how it operates. First of all, it is important to mention that this dating website requires the prospective members creating a profile. There they are supposed to fill in the information concerning:

  • The purpose of the website;
  • Their name, date of birth as well as email;
  • Main criteria according to the future partner;
  • Most recent photos of a new user.

In case of your match and you fulfill each other’s requirements, you can continue your communication by exchanging emails or phone numbers. BravoDate dating website is also able to help you with your meeting in case it is something that both of you want (Real Meeting Service).


One more important step on the way of meeting new people is considered to be creating a new profile. You should complete the profile by adding the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Email
  • Creating a password

Search & Profile Quality

Among all the dating site reviews, this one will provide you with all the necessary information on how to make sure that your search is effective enough. On one hand, this exact platform produces a wide range of active users. However, on the other hand, members have an efficient opportunity to single out only those options they are most likely to be interested in. Steps which should be taken in order to search for your potential partner are the following:

  • First of all, the user should refer to “Homepage Search” monitoring people by age;
  • “Extended Search” has more criteria to suggest such as area if living, job and occupation, marital status, etc.;
  • “Online Now” column will narrow all the users only to the group of people who are online at the moment;
  • “Show Matches” button is the last stage.


The first and the most crucial point which ought to be mentioned is the fact that all the personal information does not extend anywhere except the dating site BravoDate. It is needed only for the registration on the website. In order to get more details, it is advisable to consult and review the Privacy Policy. What is more, further recommendations suggest you avoid adding addresses, numbers or passwords to the profile description. Besides, it is also not safe to exchange any personal information with your interlocutor.

BravoDate review

Help & Support

BravoDate makes sure that every user is supported as well as is comfortable enough. That is why Help Center is available 24/7. It can help you in case there are some questions concerning:

  • Safety
  • Website navigation
  • Technical issues

Prices & Plans

You can create an account for free, however, other options are not free of charge. A possible way is to get a package including 20 credits that give you basic communication options. Other packages from 20 up to 750 credits are also available.


To put it in a nutshell, after taking a closer look at the dating platform BravoDate, one will clearly understand how convenient and useful it is. Furthermore, the website may come in handy if you are fond of the Eastern European culture, Russian brides in particular. This site is a good start for single people who thrive for meeting a soul mate. While the verified secure system protects your privacy, modern searching and matching system will enable you with a vast variety of beautiful Eastern Europeans, among which you will find your true love.


Is it possible to block my interlocutor?

There may appear a situation when for some reasons users may express unwillingness to stop the interaction with each other. In this situation, they can use the “Blocked List”. In order to block your interlocutor, please follow the next stages in the Blocked List” column:

  • Push the button “More”;
  • Choose the user to block and then the option “Block User”;
  • Confirm your action.

I have accidentally blocked my partner. What shall I do to unblock her?

In order to unblock your interlocutor, please follow the next stages:

  • Find the option called “Extended Search”
  • Type your interlocutor’s ID
  • Push the button ‘Unblock User’

Is BravoDate safe?

Without any doubt, the platform BravoDate is trying to do everything to protect its users from any kind of threat. The website uses modern security technologies as well as protection systems to protect each user’s personal information. In spite of the fact that all security measures are carefully taken, it is also members’ responsibility to make sure that their passwords are kept from third parties.

Is this website free of charge?

Generally, the platform is free to use. Although, some of the options (also known as “premium features”) are chargeable. For instance:

  • Chatting with other users;
  • Gifts;
  • Browsing of private pictures.

Is BravoDate good for finding my ideal partner?

One thing can be mentioned for sure – BravoDate provides people from all over the world with a special offer – to get to know each other, to communicate and meet potential partners. The website is designed and developed in a way that may help you to find a true soul mate. Every other detail depends on you.

Is BravoDate legit?

the platform operates in accordance with all rights. Moreover, it has been verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code.

How can I make a payment?

All the payments are done in the section “Credits”. There you can also find the button “Upgrade”. After spending your credits, you should go to the option “Buy more credits” and continue using the website.

Can I delete a message/e-mail?

In spite of the fact that the platform does not allow to delete those messages that have already been sent, you can hide the whole communication history with a certain partner in the section “Messages”. You should choose the undesirable chat, then please look at the “X” symbol above the name of your interlocutor and click on it.

How can I contact a support team if I have some questions?

The support team is ready to help at any time. To do it, please press the button “Contact Us” in the right lower corner on the main page.

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