Azerbaijan Women Dating

Azerbaijan Women Dating
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Azerbaijan women are representatives of the former Soviet Union, so most of their features are related to the environment in which they and their parents grew up. They are very beautiful and look attractive and the truth is that they are very different from other women. Dating with a local Azerbaijani bride today can fail if you have not completed your homework. So what do you need to know to meet Azerbaijani beauty?

How Do Azerbaijani Girls Looks?

From many points of view, women are absolutely beautiful. Many men fall in love with them at first sight, so what is it about these women?

  • best appearance
  • good fit
  • perfect hair
  • outfit
  • makeup

First is their appearance, which is very different from the typical European one, which can be seen with the naked eye of Azerbaijani girls. Women have long black or dark brown hair that is very shiny in the light. Also, their eyes are brown, which gives them magic and curiosity. Their sophisticated facial features and beautiful smile always make men look at them, even if they say nothing interesting.

Secondly, they have a very beautiful figure that men pay attention to immediately after the face. Owing to constant fitness and yoga, these women remain in good shape until old age. As many as 30% of Americans are overweight, and in Azerbaijan, this figure is 1%. Their full breasts and aspen waistline further attract the attention of the opposite sex. Also, their shape is so great because of the variety of Mediterranean diets. These diets not only provide them with a figure, but they also allow them to stay healthy and never complain about various pains.

The next fact about these women is a great outfit, no matter where you are going to go. You can just go to the supermarket with your Azerbaijani wife or a restaurant because it will always be your miracle. All your friends and acquaintances will envy you because these women are hard to miss.

Azerbaijani women also use makeup to look even better. Although nature has given them light and delicate skin and pronounced eyebrows and eyes, they like to emphasize this with light makeup. You will not be able to see with your naked eye whether your bride has a makeup, but you will always like her.

Difference with Other Nationalities

Azerbaijani women can be compared to some Eastern European nationalities because they also have brown hair and eyes and a very delicate complexion. But in fact, there is some difference between them, if you have ever traveled to Albania, you may have noticed a similarity between the two nationalities. They are also thin, have a beautiful body, good proportions, and seductive eyes.

From the same point of view, they are also similar to Romanian women. But you won’t find so many blondes in Azerbaijan – it’s a big difference from Eastern Europe. So no matter what hair color they have, if their eyes drive all men crazy.

Family Traditions

Young Azerbaijani girls are very closely connected with family in all spheres of life. If you are interested in a long-term relationship, make sure her family loves you or does not hate you at all. You can live with this woman all the time and you will meet her parents from time to time, so it will be better for you if you deserve their respect. Exactly, all women from Azerbaijan are independent in their lives because it is a modern rhythm of life. They live far away from their parents, have their own money and are never judged for it. But at the same time, they never forget where they came from.

Their family ties are strong and they last throughout their lives, including cousins. It should be a long time before she introduces you to her parents, but when that moment comes – rest assured that you are very important to her. You don’t have to worry about anything because it’s normal for perfectly raised children to look after their parents.

Their Languages

Dating women from Azerbaijan would be difficult if these women did not speak English. All countries from the Soviet Union know this language very well. Many people over 40 know this language a little because they watch TV and the internet. Younger people can talk to you about any topic because they have been taught this from school.

But Russian is even more popular among them. Azerbaijani is the official language in their country, but it sounds like Turkish. But Russian is very strong in their country due to its influence in the past. In fact, it is the second language in the country after the official language. All the people understand it and can speak it. Some people also know the languages ​​of neighboring countries, such as Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, and Iran. If you are English or know Russian, then you will have no problem meeting these beauties.


Azerbaijan is a Muslim country because most people practice this religion. Because of this, they have certain dating rules that foreign men must follow if they dream of having a serious relationship with these women from Azerbaijan. Most Muslim traditions are still in place here, though some of the oldest ones are long overdue, as Azerbaijan develops every year.

Do not forget about the aspect of religion when it comes to women, because women are the main representatives of the Muslim religion in Azerbaijani women dating society. Public display of sexuality and affection is not permitted there, no matter how sexual these women are. If you want to kiss or hug a woman on a first date and in a public place, then by no means do you need to, because the girl will refuse you. They should not be kissed or touched before the wedding. But if a woman shows some interest and shows you signs of interaction, then go ahead. Just make sure you understand the hint correctly.

Dating Foreigners

In general, Azerbaijan dating is also very popular with men from America, Canada, and Europe. Women sometimes even die to meet men from Western Europe, and there are a number of reasons for this. First, women know so well and are polite to foreign men compared to men from Azerbaijan. Western men always make compliments and little surprises for women, and these men do not force their women to do all the housework. This gives Azerbaijani women a choice and a kind of independence, which is why they choose them.

Living in a Western country gives them more opportunities for development and hope for a better future for their children. They can live independently of the advice and judgment of parents, relatives, and neighbors. Azerbaijani woman is a godsend and every foreigner also wants to meet one of them.


If you want to meet Azerbaijani women then this is a very good choice because these women have many advantages over women of other nationalities. They are beautiful, smart, love children and very good wives for their husbands.

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